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How to Rent a Car: Expectation vs Reality

People love to move around, for fun or business with the increase of tourism in Pakistan, it is common to see foreigners here. After booking a safe flight and accommodation, the third foremost priority for travelers is a reliable vehicle to move around. For easy and convenient movement, they give priority to car rentals. In […]

Car Rental Tips and Tricks

4 Tips To Relieve The Suffering of Driving in an Unfamiliar Rental Car

The unfamiliar rental car may seem a little bit confusing when driving. It is very easy to get used to a specific vehicle, especially where the controls are located, how the brakes respond, and how the steering wheel works. However, in a situation like the current epidemic, there may be similar events that create the […]

Covid-19 impact on Car Rental

4 Safety Tips To Drive A Rental Car During Coronavirus

While many continue to work from home, some working professionals have started moving to work. Avoiding public transportation is definitely one way to reduce exposure to coronavirus. You can also choose to rent a car, which is a viable solution to keeping a safe distance from others. In fact, car rental companies are now more cautious and ensure sterilization of […]

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Choose Comfort When Renting a Luxury Car in Karachi

Karachi is an ideal place to take advantage of the luxury car rental services from a reputed company. It is important that you have comfortable transportation and you will not find a better idea than renting a luxury car. Everyone has their own unique travel requirements, which is why one can choose from a range of […]