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How to Rent a Car: Expectation vs Reality

People love to move around, for fun or business with the increase of tourism in Pakistan, it is common to see foreigners here. After booking a safe flight and accommodation, the third foremost priority for travelers is a reliable vehicle to move around. For easy and convenient movement, they give priority to car rentals.

In Karachi, several companies are providing car rental services to both non-nationals and nationals. The main aim is to deliver excellent service coupled with comfortability and safety. Many Companies are directly indirectly offering services and always try to compete and capture market share. There are many examples like Uber, Careem at significant, and many small companies.

Method of Renting a Car

As technology has a significant impact on businesses, car renting operations have become much more comfortable than before. Nowadays, while sitting on a couch, one can conveniently rent a car through simple taps on his mobile phone. So, in today’s era renting a car has become much stress-free.

  • Online Method: Rentmycar or any other Company having a mobile app offers customized services. The company provides a very comfortable service of booking any car mentioned in the list, through your mobile phone.
  • Sign Up: For booking any car on rent, you have to sign up on the company’s website or through a mobile application.
  • Search: The person has to search for the available cars. There is a need to enter the date and location so the availability can be confirmed. You can also filter the results according to your requirement.
  • Book: Book the car with ease. The company will also assure the trip within the specific time frame. In case of urgent booking, you can also call their helpdesk.
  • Ride: Once the car has been confirmed, you can ride easily around the city. There is also the availability of chauffer and self-drive.
  • Refuel: Refill the tank that you have used. The payment can be made through cash payment or online transfer. Companies like Master Rent a Car provides many other discounts and latest promotion services frequently to get customers’ attraction and loyalty.

Rent a Car by Visiting a Branch

Many of the car rental companies follow the traditional method for booking like Europcar. In Karachi, for booking a car, you need to visit the company’s branch.

Paying the Fares via Credit Card

Many companies also accept payment through credit cards. So, if you are hiring any of these car rentals, you need to bring a credit card along with you.

If any foreigner is booking a car, he must take a passport as proof of his identity.

Expectations vs Reality


The companies in Karachi are providing simple to luxury cars on rent at cheap rates. The vehicles are new or in the best condition. They are comfortable and pre-insured.

Many companies claim certified chauffeurs are available for the trip. They are professional and have a better knowledge of routes. The behaviors are right than ordinary taxi drivers.

The bills are made with a complete breakdown and trip history. If you need guidance, customer support services are also available 24/7.

In Karachi, different sizes of companies are working. Some are very professional in their work, while some are just scamming others through their substandard services. Many of the customers seem to complain about the inadequate services some of the companies have provided to them. Due to which it became difficult for them to complete their ride. It is a truth the majority of the companies exaggerate their services that can create misconceptions afterward.


In reality, many of the car’s experiences were not satisfied. For example, someone books a luxury car one to two days before his trip, but he finds a vehicle of a different model on the exact day.

Moreover, many of the customers seem to complain about insufficient fuel. In comparison, many of the customers share their reviews of not having extra tires in the car. Many of the companies commit to providing new vehicles, but that does not sound promising while using. While some cars stop, again and again, make the ride uncomfortable.

Besides these, many of the customers complain about the driver’s behavior. This happens to the females moving alone. Many chauffeurs talk too much. While some of them do smoking and don’t take care of the air cleanliness. Some of the divers are found with insufficient knowledge about the routes.

Many of the companies are found charging extra, while some firms acquire extra cash through hidden charges. Whatever the prices they charge are much higher and non-comparable with the services they deliver.


By Ayat Khan

Ayat Khan is an online marketing professional and has been with Master rent a car for the past 2 years. She is a passionate reader and loves to share quality content prevalent on the web with her friends and followers and keep a keen eye on the latest trends and news in those industries.

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